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27-Oct-2017 03:11

In essence, it meant, “What you’re saying is ridiculous,” although it also meant, “What I am witnessing or hearing is totally lame.” The nineties equivalent of this phrase, by the way, is “What-ever!

Teenagers didn’t invent sarcasm in the eighties (Duh! “I’m Sure” and “I’m So Sure” were the verbal equivalent of an eye roll, and were often delivered with one.White tank top parachute pants big plastic jewelry = awesome.Black mesh top over purple bra leather miniskirt half-shaved head = TOTALLY RADICAL!“Monica, your orange eyeshadow totally clashes with your pink shirt, and you have got a monster zit on your nose! ” A phrase used to react to a particularly offensive comment, remark or piece of news, which can trace its use back to the very first time a Valley Girl said, Long associated with Bart Simpson, this particular insult actually traces back even further and probably first hit pop culture through the movie “The Breakfast Club”.

It was typically used as a comeback: A popular phrase used to disagree with someone, not quite rude but meant to convey a strong opinion.

A favorite term for Valley Girls to use when faced with a negative reaction from their posse of friends or when someone is freaking out for no reason.

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