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These are all very famous, very powerful men who in hindsight, appear to have used comedy to mask the truth more than illuminate it. When confronted, comedians have a nasty habit of defensiveness, and of playing up the background issues that drive them to crave yuks. Does anybody have AIDS that can put their dick in her face and get her started on that? “A good person wouldn’t (interrupt a set), so you must be a bad person,” he tells her. In the scene, the woman Louie berates is the worst person in history for daring to infringe upon his precious 15 minutes of freedom.And, for too long, the comedy world has indulged that ruse, letting a guy like C. invite your pity if he can’t get laughs out of you. “That’s really weird because you wouldn’t even exist if your mom hadn’t raped that homeless Chinese guy…. “You have no right to talk to me like that,” she counters.“Actually I do,” and then Louie ropes in fellow comedians, including Todd Barry, to further explain. She’s the criminal and she deserves whatever horrible shit C. throws at her because she fails to understand how unhappy he is in his resting state.That’s why comedians like Jim Norton leapt to Daniel Tosh’s defense when he got in trouble for joking about how funny it would be if a woman at one of his shows got raped by five men.Or why David Cross gave a completely limp apology to actress Charlyne Yi for a racist remark by saying he was “in character” at the time.Later in life, Pryor confessed to beating women on air to Barbara Walters and explained himself thusly: In a way, Pryor got lucky because even as he confessed to his monstrousness in public, the bulk of his career came at a time when such transgressions were, unforgivably, easily shrugged off by the media and powerbrokers alike.He was still revered, rarely shamed by anyone outside of himself.

When she declined, Pryor flew into a rage, expressing his displeasure by beating her, tearing her clothes off, and throwing her out of the room.

He remains, both in work and reputation, the most admired comedian in history. was poised to release the horribly titled , a film that, going by initial reviews, appeared to serve as part-confessional and part-justification. K.’s enormous standing in the comedy community, where his accomplishments arguably match that of Pryor, his forebear in both confessional humor and, apparently, demeaning the opposite sex.

dropped a bomb on him last week that details, in what has become exhaustively typical, the exploits of a man leveraging his power to subject unwilling women to his own strangely specific sexual urges, and essentially daring anyone to stop him. Or maybe it’s just the work of a narcissist seeing how far he could push things before getting caught. Now let’s talk about that community for a minute, because it is very insular and VERY protective.

Regardless of whether or not Pryor truly earned absolution, it came to him anyway. Until last week, they lingered in the ether and bounced off of C.

He was given the Mark Twain Prize in 1998, a lifetime achievement Grammy in 2006, and a fawning Comedy Central retrospective in 2003. K., in part because his accusers had yet to formally go on the record, and because of C.If the party line you are interested in has its own website you will be able to view it.