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29-Jul-2017 04:57

Among them I found a consensus to use OKCupid, despite some gripes.

Said one couple I spoke with: “OKCupid has been the most effective in finding long-term partners as opposed to one-off hook-ups.

I was nevertheless disarmed by the discovery that many vocal polyamorous folks I know of online had professed never having used a dating site to find like-minded individuals, suggesting that perhaps using faulty tools offered up to us by a set of business owners and developers aren’t necessary to explore this lifestyle.

It was nearly a year into my own polyamorous experiences before I’d even discovered fully what it was that I was seeking and how best to define it that I broached the topic with close friends—in particular, a pair of friends who are dating that turned into something “polyamor…ish.” No online dating site involved!

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The image on the left of the landing page randomly refreshes to show users enjoying various states of BDSM.

A common workaround for Male/Female couples I spoke to was to identify as a bisexual female and to state clearly within the very first line of the “About Me” section that this was a couples’ profile.

OKCupid did nevertheless make huge strides earlier this year in both allowing you to identify as “Married” while also listing yourself as “Non-monogamous,” a brand new category, which is a huge contrast to more widely known dating sites such as e Harmony.

For example, when a couple is dating together on OKCupid, I found that a joint couples profile is often the default.

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However, there is no “couples profile” option on OKCupid.The same respondent concludes, really emphasizing the need for certainty before sending a message, “As a ‘bisexual’ woman I get enough messages from unicorn hunters (straight man, curious woman, want somebody for ‘night of pleasure’ with no necessary connection beyond that) that I don’t want to make someone feel that way.” Clearly, though, there is a fine line between some specificity and too much specificity, because a Google search reveals multiple dating sites that distinctly brand themselves as being for polyamorous daters.