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24-Sep-2017 04:08

According to a survey of American adolescents, three out of four think sharing personal information or photos online falls between “somewhat safe” and “somewhat unsafe,” similar to how they perceive the dangers of underage drinking.Where teens fall short is in their understanding of the legal ramifications of sexting.Unless you’re especially tech-savvy, they can outwit you technologically and they know it.That means prevention is the best form of protection.Simply stated, sending sexts of people under 18 years of age is illegal.Beyond online reputation, teens who send sexually explicit photos can be convicted of child pornography charges and have their names permanently placed on registered sex offender lists.

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Even if your child would never engage in sexting under normal circumstances, the temptation to forward unsolicited naked photos of a classmate, like the ones sent by the Florida teen above, can be hard to resist. You won’t stop your teens from sexting by adopting a stern, draconian attitude.

Also explain that if you find sexting photos on the child’s phone, you may be legally required to take it to the police.

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